Yellow Rose After Care Program

Sullivan Bros. Mortuary Inc. hopes to promote healing through understanding and education. We want people to work through grief and readjust to life by mutual support and encouragement. We wish to create an atmosphere of understanding and friendship. Life will never be the same, but grief can he survived and hope restored. There are not easy solutions, no easy answers, and there is no timetable for recovery. Grief is a long, hard process, but it is also a very human process. A sense of humor and a sense of hope are essential ingredients.

The objectives of our After Care Program are to after support and friendship to grieving people, to provide a warm atmosphere of caring, acceptance, confidentiality, and to listen with understanding. The Funeral Directors and Chaplains at Sullivan Bros. Mortuary Inc. know, it is our goal to remember that the needs of the families we serve do not end at the conclusion of the funeral services. We are here to provide support of any kind when needed. Individual Counseling is also available.

You may take advantage of the information offered by our aftercare facilitators and also learn about important information that surrounds the funeral process. (Wills, Power of Attorney, Banking Information, Probate Court, Social Security, Life Insurance and many more) Please read the Yellow Rose Section and newsletters for other information about this service.